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Glow furniture hire

Price: $299


✓ 4 x Glowchair

✓ 1 x Coffee table

✓ 1 x Cocktail table

✓ 2 x Sofa

✓ Lightweight

✓ Wireless LED illuminated seats

✓ Fully charged

✓ Remote controlled

✓ Vibrant color changing mode

✓ Highly durable

✓ 100% guaranteed

✓ 24/7 local support


Glow Furniture Hire

see the light

See the light!

Why use a normal furniture set-up when you can add some glow to your party/event. Enjoy our smart, elegant illuminated glow furniture that sets the perfect ambience for any of your event. It will certainly add a wow factor.

“Just hire, see the smile”


Easy set-up, placed anywhere Lightweight, easy to move Rechargeable Wireless, remote controlled Waterproof

“Glow furniture, the freshmaker”

color changing mode

Color changing mode

The special feature is you can change the colors of glow furniture. Just scroll through the remote, change the colors anytime you want and see the furniture illuminating in vibrant colors. You also have the option to dim/bright the colors.

“Let your party glow”


Both indoor, outdoor events Private parties, parks, ponds and pools Cocktail party,cafes,restaurants,night clubs, bars Wedding parties, event launch, and many more…

“Perfect for all your needs”

high quality

High-quality design

Premium quality, stylish, multi-color LED illuminated glow furnitures with standard accessories. No need any set-up. Wireless, fully charged that lets you enjoy the vibe without any interruption during the hire period.

“Smart,beautiful glow party”


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