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Jukebox/Karaoke Machine

Price: $240


✓ Wireless speaker system – To cover over

150 people

✓ Two wireless microphone

✓ Latest touchscreen technology

✓ Over 25,000 karaoke and original songs

✓ Latest touchscreen technology

✓ Over 25,000 karaoke and original songs

✓ Music from the 50’s through to the current

top 40

✓ Option to plug in your own iPod, phone or


✓ Video clips

✓ All cables included


Jukebox and Karaoke Machine:


Disco Lighting

Great vibrant colours of lighting, perfectly matches the theme of your event and visually transforms the overall mood of any venue. Lighting colour can be a single or mixed that gives you a disco feel. The special feature is lights can be set to sync to the beat of the music and you can enjoy a visually stunning light show.

“Time to disco”


Our Jukebox comes with music that has over 25,000 preloaded songs with the latest tio 40 hits. You have a variety of song selection from the latest pop hits to dance, jazz, rock, hip-hop and much more.

Karaoke music will you dance, sing all night.

“Dance to the party”


In Built Speaker

Powerful built-in sound system with wireless microphones. Wireless speakers are great for adding high quality background music. Whether its a home party/wedding or outdoor event, the sound quality is excellent.

Without any interference can digitally control the volumn.

“Stunning sound quality”

Custom Playlist

Our Jukebox/karaoke machine is touch screen enabled. So your guest can create a song list or
randomly pick music from all eras. Extra songs of your choice can be added via bluetooth connectivity

“Play your own music”



1. Very reasonably priced – Our Jukebox and karaoke hire comes with a complete package which includes, setting up, install and packing up and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


2. Professional quality – Over 70,000 songs in total from your 50s to top 40s.


3. Spectacular lighting show – Our lights are not just connected to the power and on comes the traffic lights they are synced to the beats.


4. Elegant setup – You won’t notice any messy wires or strands running all over the place. These are the same setups we use at night clubs. Our setups will surely make you feel that you’re in a nightclub/disco.


5. Friendly service – We work according to the time that best suits you to pack and set up.

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